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Global Education on-line training course -The Intercultural Dimension

This course, under the title "Global Education - The Intercultural Dimension", provides an overview on why intercultural education is relevant and needed, what it means in theory and practice and how it can be improved in relation to the context of a globalised world, the local needs, its contents and methodology.


Deadline for applications: 9 August 2015

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Date: 17 August - 11 September 2015

PartnerThe Network University


This global education online learning course is designed for education practitioners, social workers, civil society, youth activists, as well as policy and decision makers, local authorities and intercultural cities.

This course explores the ways of addressing the issues in theory and practice, reflecting on the ideal state considering the evidence from the reality, and developing new ways of understanding and promoting human rights education in the contexts of the participants.

The specific contents include:

  • Introduction to the intercultural dimension of global education
  • Reflecting on the needs for intercultural global education
  • Reviewed concepts approaches to intercultural global education
  • Understanding of existing intercultural education in practice
  • Dilemmas and challenges in policy development towards intercultural education
  • Development of strategies for intercultural political education
  • Rights-based approaches to social and political action.


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Additional Info

  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Online
  • Type of activity: Online training course